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Arts & Education in American Samoa

I don't think I ever had the chance to say 'Thank You!' For coming to Samoa and sharing your talents and gifts with us. You made such an impact on my life. Thank you!
Crossroads Theatre for Youth

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Intersections, Inc.

A not-for-profit organization in American Samoa whose mission is “to make lasting positive differences in the lives of families and children empowering them to break the mindset of poverty in order to improve the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of family life. We believe that each generation bears the responsibility to build a brighter tomorrow by imparting its knowledge, skills, and wisdom on to the next.” Projects have included:

Tupulaga Ta’iala

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University of Hawai'i, Teacher Education

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PREL & American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture and the Humanities

The “Upu Tuugutu: Tala o le Pasefika mai Amerika Samoa” writing project

From the collection’s forward:
Advisory Board of the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture, & Humanities (ASCACH) and the Executive Director happily present the result (stories) of the Story Writing workshop conducted by Nationally Recognized Author and Theatre Artist Daniel A. Kelin II in American Samoa on July 28 – 31, 2015.  The written pieces in this publication are the outcome of the collaborative efforts of the Pacific Resources for Education & Learning (PREL) and the ASCACH (funded by the National Endowment for the Arts – NEA).  This endeavor is an initial project with goals of reviving the traditional art of making stories or storytelling.  For Samoans, the art of storytelling is prized because most of the content deals with legends of past generations and the stories originated orally and were meant to be passed down in that fashion.  In addition to being accustomed to telling the stories, inspiring the participants to write their stories is a major achievement of the workshop.  With that mentioned, I have hopes of this publication encouraging the Samoan people to write about its culture and traditions and moreover, promoting Story Writing in other regions of the Pacific.