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Drama & English Language Learners

Drama made me think about my own abilities. I never knew I could act and now that I realized it I’m curious about my other abilities. What am I capable of doing? I will never again doubt myself and think I can’t do something. -10th grade ELL student

Why Drama?

Engaging young English Language Learners through drama challenges them to develop language skills to a purpose; planning and preparing in groups, sharing ongoing drama work, reflecting on their process and accomplishments, and sharing and discussing ideas.  Creative learning experiences:

  • Foster language growth to expand vocabularies, developing fluency in speaking and writing, increasing ability to elaborate on the meaning of words and actions and clearly expressing ideas and thoughts.
  • Expand ability to solve problems in meaningful, creative contexts, encouraging comfortable with, and learning from, mistakes and trial and error and developing skills such as comprehension, decoding and inferring, necessary for approaching challenging text and stories.
  • Instill the joy of engaging in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  ​

For more insight and video examples, see the IN OUR OWN WORDS project page.

Why this approach?

Research and Common Core connections

Testimonials from teachers