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Do Stars attend premiers on cycle rickshaws?
July 28, 2012
The Delhi Shuffle
July 22, 2012
Maybe 14, maybe 16 hours traveling by express train
The Accidental Expertise of a Traveling Teaching Artist
July 18, 2012
Days pass as quickly as the screaming buses that whiz through the lone main street of Shantipur.  It seems that the few moments that I am actually in my room, I am napping and then a knock comes at the door, food is delivered and I have a quick bite before heading off again.  Although it took a few days, a routine appeared for about a week’s time.  Each morning started with planning, since each day I had only a sketch of an idea of what should happen with the theatre group.  A knock on the door and breakfast arrives.  A quick, cold shower (no geezer in this room) and t
The first 72: Return to India!
July 10, 2012
I am not quite sure, as I write this, when I will actually have the chance to post it. However, the first 72 hours in India already reaffirmed what entices me back.  After about two days of traveling from Honolulu to Kolkata, I arrived in the town of Shantipur (where I will be staying during this trip) at about 5 am on Thursday.  Dropped off at a local hotel which I stayed in the last time I visited this town, I had the chance to take a rest and get a shower.  At 10 am I was picked up again.