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The Best Audience in the World
July 6, 2013
As I sat in in the center of the newly-dedicated, freshly painted outdoor cement basketball court, surrounded by a couple of hundred local folks watching youth I had worked with perform, it dawned on me that these local audiences are truly the best audiences in the world. People sat on rocks, the cement court, wooden side benches, make-shift ‘chairs’ from implements found around the nearby houses, their cars (parked at the far end of the court), or just stood-for the entire three hours of our performance.
Who needs control anyway?
June 29, 2013
Here I learn to let go of control. I face the need to ‘go with the flow’ and embrace the uncertainty.  Now, I can hear my artistic colleagues saying, ‘Yeah, man, it’s good to just go with the flow of creative development.’ I don’t mean, however, simply the flow of creative work done between the hours of 9 and 5, or 7-10 pm.  I mean the flow of when will we start? When will we end today? Who’s actually here today? No power, huh? What do you mean lunch didn’t show up? What happened to the guitar player? That group of 7 is now down to 3. How do we alter their play today? 
Coming (or going) Home
June 26, 2013
Every day I recognize a face.  I only occasionally have the opportunity to talk to the individual, as they trundle by in a car or truck, or I see them leaving a store just as I step up to pay.  And then I hear snippets of this person or that who is still living here, moved away but recently returned or may be visiting soon.  Three times already once upon students have stopped by the Youth to Youth classroom where I work to say hi, or express their surprise to see me here again.  I marvel at how much I am a part of and yet separate from this place.  Those who know me
Oh, yes, I am certainly back in the islands...
June 21, 2013
It seems that it must always come to this at least one time over the course of a project here.
The Training Begins
June 21, 2013
Day one, drama training.  Today marks the 20th anniversary of my first summer drama training in the Marshall Islands.  Although the summers have tapered off to one every few years since the 10th anniversary, the experience still engages and entices me.  And after my first training day, discovering that this 20th anniversary edition will require me to revise my methods and previous understanding of this place is even more thrilling.  This group of trainees, though exhibiting some of the expected shyness and reserve, also demonstrate a desi
Back in the Marshalls again
June 21, 2013
I arrived.  The Marshall Islands once again becomes my home, for three weeks anyway.  Four years brings changes to everyone and everything, but great joys accompanies a return when once upon friends reach out to welcome you, hug you and make you feel a part of them.  Majuro shifts and changes with regularity.
Playing in Pohnpei
June 8, 2013
The single week I spent in Pohnpei proved to be restful, fulfilling, rewarding and joyful.  That in and off itself seemed odd, as I so often get myself into quirky situations that catch me off-guard and result in great little stories.  I was actually thinking those very thoughts on my last day on that island just moments after the trainees I had worked with finished their outdoor performance.  But then the project director asked me if we could delay our departure.  The local crowd had challenged the performer/trainees to a volleyball game.  Okay, fine.