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From the Scottish Journal of Performance Volume 2, Issue 1 I would highly recommend this text to teaching artists working in the drama/theatre field. The authors acknowledge their use of both ‘drama’ and ‘theatre’ in their title and justify their inclusion of

November 27, 2009 From Carol T. Jones, Director, Alliance Theatre Institute for Educators and Teaching Artists 'The growing number of students for whom English is a second language creates new challenges for our teachers and schools. However, it also creates opportunities for

November 27, 2009 From 'The History Teacher,' Vol. 39, No. 2, Feb. 2006 In today's standards-driven, accountability-heavy educational environment, it is easy to forget history's power to transform classroom instruction and activate the imagination and enthusiasm of students. Thankfully, Daniel A. Kelin

November 27, 2009 From 'Marvels & Tales,' April 01, 2004, Julie Walsh Kroeker This collection of legends and stories from the Marshall Islands begins with acknowledgments and an introduction by the collector and editor that convey his enthusiasm and gratitude for the

Blog #4 During our welcoming event to this workshop process I am now deeply engaged in, a student of the LNCT college at which we are staying asked how an actor feels if he works so hard but doesn't achieve successful

Blog #3 The insistent banging on my dorm room door at midnight caused me to nearly fall out of bed.  I in no way expected such a shocker despite the fact that midnight meant the beginning of Christmas here in Bhopal. 

Blog #2 Morning light struggles through a stubborn haze as the sun tries furtively to break the chill. Simply walking to the mess building tickles my toes with cold, as I pass by a few well-bundled people trying to keep the