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July 30, 2010 I rode the train for the first time which, after so many other forms of transportation here and various related incidents, seemed very uneventful.  A friend accompanied me to the railway station and frankly I am glad he

July 22, 2010 I am sure you’re aware of that wearisome adage: ‘Men don’t like to ask for directions.’ Whoever coined that tired phrase never visited India.  Here, directions are sought constantly.  Seek a ride from an auto rickshaw driver and

July 17, 2010 Deeply engaged in a moment, we often forget to take stock of the entire experience, as unique as it might be.  That moment envelopes us in a comfort that makes it seem normal, as if we had always

July 10, 2010 As I disembarked my auto rickshaw, heading home, I did a double-take when I noticed a man standing beneath a tree engaged in a staring contest with a crow.  Or maybe it was a raven. The staring contest,

July 10, 2010 Suddenly today I was approached at one of the schools and asked if I could cut my project in scope by a third and reshuffle the two classes into three, thus reducing the amount of time I see

July 4, 2010 Saturday morning I sat at Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School waiting for the 6th standard students to arrive for our field trip to Mahabalipuram heritage site.  Students trickled in from about 7:45 am onwards.  A low-key

June 25, 2010 At the end of my third class today, a diminutive girl approached me and said, ‘This is sad.” I could barely hear her amongst the crush of students trying to shake my hand and say good-bye, so I