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June 20, 2010 This megapolis, as most of them do, thrives on sound. It is the blood swirling madly and continually through the city’s tangled veins. For me, morning starts with the soft hum of the air conditioner, backed by a few

June 14, 2010 It’s amazing how quickly one can adjust to small changes.  Light switches mounted in little rows with outlets that you regularly turn off; the morning calls of the various street vendors gathering cardboard or delivering coffee and tea;

June 8, 2010 I noticed in the local paper that a dance performance was being staged at a local hall.  I asked about finding the hall and the information seemed pretty straightforward; the hall stood not far from a bookstore I

June 6, 2010 It took a month for me to set up a bank account and yet one banker came to my house at 7 pm to get signatures, a second called to make sure I was being attended to and

June 2, 2010 I rode a local bus (the ‘a’ is emphasized for a reason to be clear soon).  Doesn’t seem like such a big event, but it was if only in the sense that it saved me money.  My local

May 25, 2010 Let’s investigate the concept of Hot, shall we? Tropical heat…as the sun bears down on you, light-headedness follows.  You can sense the sun’s tendrils penetrating your scalp and skin, sucking all moisture out of your body.  For me it

May 21, 2010 I begin this in the rain.  Monsoon season is creeping up on us.  Actually, falling down on us.  I am sitting on a house boat, moored alongside a light pink, cement house for the night.  We spent about