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Brisbane 2014
Cleveland. But not THAT Cleveland.
July 4, 2014
Conference over I headed South.  To Cleveland.  How does one end up in Cleveland upon leaving Brisbane? By train of course.  A direct shot.  But then why Cleveland? You might wonder.  End of the line.  Far as you can get.  And then you can ferry across the bay to Stradbroke Island.  That solves the mystery.  It is so much more enjoyable, I find, to ride local style.  Off the train and onto a water taxi with a mixed group of local tourists and people heading home to the island.
The Perceptions of the Friendly
July 4, 2014
'You know those Americans.  Friendly.'  Those are words I overheard while sitting with a group of artists during a post conference drink.  My immediate thought,  truly,  was 'Not.'  But I was thinking at nearly the same time how inviting and gracious  these Australians are.  I didn't speak it aloud at the time,  but it got me to thinking about perceptions during travel.  How much do we actually get to know a place when visiting?
Disruption-The Teaching Artist Watchcry
July 2, 2014
The art of teaching,  the teaching of art.  Here I am at the International Teaching Artist Conference listening a whole lot about work that folks are doing in settings across the globe.  Two feelings pop out for me continually.  Validation.  It's nice to know that the work I do compares favorably with work in many other places.  Too often I feel my work is disconnected from what happens elsewhere,  as if I am playing a great trick on the world; I don't really know what I am doing and soon people will figure it out.  So,  good to feel good about your
July 2, 2014
A city named most desirable to inhabit.  Despite  the brisk cold exacerbated by the never tiring wind,  the warmth of this town try invites you to enjoy it's people friendly atmosphere.  Goodness,  we're in the middle of the city but it seems as though it is more designed with humans in mind than cars or businesses.  It is a city that seems to say,  come enjoy your time with us.  Walk.  Ride.  Hang out.  Eat.  Eat.  Eat.  I'm more used to the type of city that beckons,  come and spend your money here.,  oh yeah and
From the big island. But not THAT big island.
July 2, 2014
A city defined by a river.  As it meanders it's way about the city,  oblivious to the straight lines preferred by humans,  so too do I find myself less focused on which way I might go so much as where I stood each moment.  I had made no plans to get from the airport to my hotel.  Didn't even know what might be involved in making that decision.  Then I met a friend on the plane.  She was renting a car.  Did I want a ride?  I certainly did and what a joyous ride.  As she chanted 'stay on the left,  look to the right,'  we buzzed along a