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Natya Chetana 2015
Mumbai Mania
January 9, 2016
Even though your flight may be on time, over Mumbai they make your plane circle the airport several times.  So you're late. After the aerial tour of the airport, you end up in line for the bus to the international terminal.  You wait, then follow a clueless line of passengers to a bus, where you line up.
January 6, 2016
In a place where monkeys roam about and cows wandered unharmed, how can you not feel charmed by and a bit reflective on human nature? The cows are taken for granted, generally, noticed only when one needs to avoid hitting one.
Home Again
January 2, 2016
Many people embrace my visits to India.  In fact, I have had the great pleasure of visiting most places and friends more than once, which has contributed to forming close relationships and valued friendships. My current trip focused on that purpose; revisiting and catching up with now well established relationships. The great fun of this trip, however, has been how the revisits have played out.
Christmas in Kolkata
December 31, 2015
Christmas started simply. The Theatre group I am traveling with performed on christmas eve.  Between packing up, getting to the hotel, a late dinner and meeting, Christmas arrived quietly during the meeting.  Arjun, one of the actors, turned to me and said happy Christmas. Twenty-four plus hours later, I have to say this was the most unexpected of winter holidays.
Just a touch of kindness
December 29, 2015
Just a Kind Moment
On Tour in Northern India
December 26, 2015
At 3:30 I awoke to shower, an unavoidably cold shower, to make room for others of the Natya Chetana company.  We needed to leave at 4:45 to catch the train to Kolkata, and there were at least a dozen members that needed to share just two bathrooms.  At 5 we tightly packed ourselves into a small van.  The driver was a little disoriented and we had to stop to ask directions from a man out poking fruit from a tall tree overhanging the road. At 5:30, newly arrived at the station, we found the train delayed.  We waited amongst the growing crowds.
Flights - less of fantasy, more of reality
December 16, 2015
As I ducked into my mosquito net covered bed, I noticed a firefly floating lazily above me in my tiny, mud-walled room.  The steady glow from its behind seemed to be welcoming me, both to the theatre village where I will be staying and into a much needed sleep.