Teacher Professional Development

A lesson fills a few hours.  A strategy enriches the experience of learning.

Professional Development workshops for Classroom Teachers focus on understanding how a handful of drama strategies have application in multiple situations and to multiple subject areas.  Instead of leaving the workshop with a single lesson, teachers are armed with knowledge and experience of integrating a selection of drama strategies to a range of purposes throughout the school day.

“Passion for his work is evident.” Participating teacher
“Such a wonderful wealth of resources. All of the activities were well-balanced—a little of geography, anthropology, instructional strategies, etc. Time used very efficiently.”

3 hour, 6 hour, 2 day and week-long workshops available

The Drama of … series (Science, Social Studies, Language Arts)

Simple Strategies for Every Classroom

Stories of Us: Collecting and Performing Oral Histories

Drama with Young English Language Learners

Stories to Life

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, Hawaii
Kahan I Kutturan Guahan and the Guam Dept. of Education, Hagatna, Guam
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Padma Sheshadri School, Chennai, India
Bon Secours College, Thanjavur, India
Alpha Arts & Sciences Colleges and Schools, Chennai, India
Ellen Sharma Primary School, Chennai, India
Chinmaya Vidalya School, Kochi, Kerala, India
English Language Teachers Association of India
American College, Madurai, India
Ghandigram Rural College, Dindigul, India
University of Southern Mississippi
San Francisco State University, College of Education
University of Hawaii, College of Arts and Humanities
University of Hawaii, Library Studies
Hawaii Arts Alliance
Children’s Garden School, India
Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Hawaii State Department of Education
Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Fagatogo Elementary School, American Samoa
Children’s Garden School, Madras, India

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding workshop you gave this past weekend. It was a delightfully eye-opening experience to see an approach in drama education with such far-reaching ramifications across the curriculum. Your own teaching style is quite impressive, and your ability to build on participants' increased understanding of the target information is very effective. As I incorporate more of the basic premises form drama education into my plans, I hope to attend your future workshops and seminars, as I believe I have only barely scraped the surface of the riches that lie within. Again, thanks for the fine addition to my repertoire of content and strategic knowledge.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve attended at the Kennedy Center this year.  Thank you so much!”

“Very interactive with clear modeling and a chance to discuss how to translate into the classroom.”

“I liked the scaffolding used in moving students toward a presentation and the emphasis on students having control of the process.”

“Very impressive preparation and presentation excellent on time varying activities, development of procedure—walking us through the process.”

“The oral histories workshop was excellent because it provided a replicable; adjustable working model that can be used with any age group.”

"Thank you so much for another amazing experience in drama. You continue to teach our students such invaluable skills and in such positive ways. Your energy is contagious and the way you engage our students is stunning."

4th grade public school teacher

"As your student I have gained so much knowledge and learned new strategies simply because you gave me the freedom to be my own personal creator. I learned by tapping into my brain and teaching myself to be expressive and creative, with you as my guide. Throughout all the demonstrations, not once did you say no to a person’s opinion, expression and creative mind. You simply wanted us to add-on to that knowledge. I thank you for letting my take control of my own learning."

University Teacher Course Participant/American Samoa