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Home Again
January 2, 2016
Many people embrace my visits to India.  In fact, I have had the great pleasure of visiting most places and friends more than once, which has contributed to forming close relationships and valued friendships. My current trip focused on that purpose; revisiting and catching up with now well established relationships. The great fun of this trip, however, has been how the revisits have played out.
Christmas in Kolkata
December 31, 2015
Christmas started simply. The Theatre group I am traveling with performed on christmas eve.  Between packing up, getting to the hotel, a late dinner and meeting, Christmas arrived quietly during the meeting.  Arjun, one of the actors, turned to me and said happy Christmas. Twenty-four plus hours later, I have to say this was the most unexpected of winter holidays.
Just a touch of kindness
December 29, 2015
Just a Kind Moment
On Tour in Northern India
December 26, 2015
At 3:30 I awoke to shower, an unavoidably cold shower, to make room for others of the Natya Chetana company.  We needed to leave at 4:45 to catch the train to Kolkata, and there were at least a dozen members that needed to share just two bathrooms.  At 5 we tightly packed ourselves into a small van.  The driver was a little disoriented and we had to stop to ask directions from a man out poking fruit from a tall tree overhanging the road. At 5:30, newly arrived at the station, we found the train delayed.  We waited amongst the growing crowds.
Flights - less of fantasy, more of reality
December 16, 2015
As I ducked into my mosquito net covered bed, I noticed a firefly floating lazily above me in my tiny, mud-walled room.  The steady glow from its behind seemed to be welcoming me, both to the theatre village where I will be staying and into a much needed sleep.
Who's time is it anyway?
August 1, 2015
Locked in the passenger seat, driving about the back roads of Samoa, I wrestle with controlling time. I have no control, of course.  I am not driving nor am I deciding. I am along for the ride, during which others choose how to spend the time we have together. Herein lies my greatest frustration with visiting the many places I go.  I am out of control.  I mean, if course, out of the place of taking control.  And for those who know me well, that is not the place I prefer to be.
Individual Matters
July 29, 2015
On Saturday last, the teens of Youth to Youth performed on a basketball court at the Rita end of Majuro.  I wandered about the gathered audience snapping pictures and watching as individual youth members both played and played with the audience.  In scene after scene, individual after individual rose to the challenge of sharpening and improving their performances.
Stay Out of the Improvised Way
July 23, 2015
In the first days of the program, the students listen with a kind of quizzical, blank look.  When they stand to answer a question or introduce themselves—wait, strike that—IF they stand and IF they answer and IF you can hear them, the words are laced with embarrassed giggles and quick looks about the room to see who might be laughing at them.  The words tumble out as fast and briefly as possible so the pained individual can sit back down as quickly as possible to wishfully disappear from sight. All of this belies the pos
Art and Behavior Psychology
July 18, 2015
I flung the incentive out to our trainees.  If we could all stay focused on the task of the day—rehearsing all of our songs and short performances—we could finish the day early.  For me, this was an unprecedented incentive.  In fact, I am not sure that I’ve ever ended a day early out here, mostly because there are always challenges of some sort that get in the way.  But it seemed worth the attempt.  Afternoons, the stifling hot afternoons of 35 people simultaneously rehearsing in a wooden box with a tin roof, sun hammering away at us, feel brutal.  Focus
I Have an Idiom
July 13, 2015
I sat at the back of the tin-roofed community room, a stiflingly hot building in which we were conducting our youth-oriented training.