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July 23, 2015 In the first days of the program, the students listen with a kind of quizzical, blank look.  When they stand to answer a question or introduce themselves—wait, strike that—IF they stand and IF they answer and

July 18, 2015 I flung the incentive out to our trainees.  If we could all stay focused on the task of the day—rehearsing all of our songs and short performances—we could finish the day early. For me, this was an

July 13, 2015 I sat at the back of the tin-roofed community room, a stiflingly hot building in which we were conducting our youth-oriented training.  I sat there to watch the interactions of the young trainees so I could

July 7, 2015 I resisted writing a follow-up to my last blog.  It ended as the electricity in my apartment, and mine alone, went out.  It made for a brutal night of a stiflingly hot sleep.  I was, at

July 5, 2015 As I walked to the waiting area for my morning flight, I glanced into the gate area where I first left for the Marshall Islands in 1990.  Several memories flickered through my imagination. The tall Marshallese