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June 23, 2017 As I travel for work, I’ve notice how few elephants I encounter.  Now, in truth, there are no elephants in Samoa (where I am currently working). In fact, there are no elephants in most of the

June 18, 2017 Devising develops plays. Devising develops artists. In addition, this process of generating material through improvisation enticingly offers insight into people and places even as the experience encourages an artistic freedom that can be, well, deliciously dangerous. 

June 12, 2017 I enjoy celebrating my professional colleagues' successes. I have to say, truthfully, that I am so much more engaged by the authentic discovery of personal artistry by the young and the novice.  Small, undocumented moments when

May 6, 2017 Several times when I have stopped by local stories or visited the McDonald’s drive-thru (Yes, I gave in and visited the golden arches here in Samoa), I either lost or gained a penny. In each case,

May 6, 2017 To complete my trilogy of blogs from American Samoa, I start with a slight unfortunate incident. In preparation for the final rehearsal on my final day, I implored the students to be timely, as we would

May 6, 2017 Within my first week in American Samoa, two separate moments came together in a lovely reminder of why I wander the pathways I do. Late one night, here in American Samoa, I watched Wheel of Fortune and