Teaching Artist Training

Investigating questions, broadening application and deepening understanding of our craft

What skills and knowledge do students develop and cultivate through participation in arts experiences?  How do student come to understand what they are learning? How does the teaching artist effectively guide students to reflect on their experiences?  In what ways do the skills and knowledge have application beyond the artistic experiences?  


  • Foundations of Arts-Integrated Residencies
  • Questions, Questioning and Reflective Practice
  • Artistic Perspectives: Building Reflection Skills in Students
  • Do you Have your End in Mind?: Designing Lessons, Building Workshops
  • Assessment, Reflection and Evaluation: Putting the Big Three into Practice

Theatre Dept., University of Texas at Austin
The Little Theatre, Chennai, India
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai, India
Shantipur-Rangpeeth, Shantipur, West Bengal, India
Society for Kona’s Education in the Arts, Hawaii
Hawaii Arts Alliance
Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Alliance Theatre of Atlanta, Georgia
Northwestern University

“I gained inspiration for keeping my own artistry alive – and taking it to a new level of achievement.”

“Just what I was thinking I wanted to work on---well planned.”

“Raised good questions about effective teaching strategies – especially about responding – something that is an integral part of the creative process and doesn’t necessarily require verbal replies.”

“My imagination has been massaged.”

"It is a joy to watch you with kids – and teachers.  The workshop yesterday gave me a whole new appreciation for how far drama can go. Another veteran teacher said the same thing.  Then I got to see you do the same strategies with kids today.  (I wish all TA’s could see you take the kids through the visual thinking strategies.)"

Workshop Sponsor, Hawaii